Thursday, October 2, 2014

Passion Project

This project is way easier than I thought it was at first. The first two weeks, the class has flown by. When I first saw the magnitude of this daunting project, I felt like this project would not be possible to achieve. Now I'm two weeks in, and I feel a lot more confident that I can achieve my goal. For my goal, it takes a lot more than I previously thought. It takes a lot of research, focus, and incredible amounts of creativity. Since I am finding about passenger planes, and their history, I have to go to a lot of websites and read a bunch of books on planes. I can't wait to learn more about planes.

1 comment:

  1. Akshay, I'm glad to read that you no longer feel burdened by the scope of this project. In your future Passion Project blog posts, be sure to include more specific information as to your progress and accomplishments, as well as any obstacles, big or small. Also, be sure to NEVER again post such a horrifying image or I will be forced to never go online again! : )